Digital Building Directories

Dynamically Guide and Direct GuestsDigital building directories will transform a drab list of names and locations in a traditional building directory into a colorful, dynamic, and sophisticated graphic presentation. Too often, facility managers struggle to stay up-to-date with changes, and as a result visitors are left in the dark. There are many benefits to adding a digital building directory to your office building. Some of the most relevant reason for this include the following:Eliminate costs of static content updatingTailor your messaging for day, evening and weekend visitors. Post up-to-the-minute business hours for tenants. Information about scheduled or unscheduled closings can be delivered to Mdigital building directory in real timeAdd a welcome message to impress your visitors. Display Weather, Traffic, Maps, News, WayfindingInteractive touchscreen options. Even the technologically challenged can quickly orient themselves using a Mdigital digital directory boardMulti-language support. Guests can easily access important information in the format that’s best for them, eliminating confusion