Digital Signage Players

A quality media player is a primary component of any digital signage system deployment. Of course the choice of media player can have a significant influence on the total cost of ownership for that deployment. If the distributor buys a media player not powerful enough for the intended purpose of the application, not only will he or she quickly become dissatisfied with its performance, but it will likely need to be replaced. Alternatively, buying a media player that is more powerful than needed, can consume a great chunk of any budget and would be unnecessary as the features would be non-applicable for your purchased system. This money could have been better spent elsewhere. Highly experienced Hansab specialists will evaluate your needs and assist you to make an informed decision on the needed solutions to power your screens. No matter if it is a single screen or a huge video wall.

Types of media players:

  • Cost effective media players – regularly chosen for single screen and basic applications (full HD pictures, video playback)
  • High performance media players – 4K, 8K graphics, multi-zones function, live data integration, interactive touch, video analytics & other applications
  • Multi-display media players – high performance media players that usually power up to 12 displays
  • Video wall controllers – greater control of formal and informational video walls composed of multiple screens to suite your business needs