Indoor Displays

Nowadays there has been a great shift from still images to eye catching interactive views appearing on dynamic displays. Mdigital keeps abreast of the trends and offers a wide range of professional displays for multiple indoor applications, requiring high image quality, reliable technology and most importantly, efficiency in showing information and/or advertisements to your customers. Let Mdigital specialists know your business needs and they will help you select the screen type and features that will suit your business best.Why professional screens:Highly reliable24/7 or 16/7 use reliabilityBrighter than regular TV, no image burn-outUp to 3 year warrantyRemote SW and HW controlMain screen types:10”-24” Small signage displays – A3 tabloid alternative commonly used for retail signage32”-105” Large format displaysSmart SOC built-in-signage displays4K resolution displays (3,840 x 2,160) – delivering superior clarity and details, sharp even at close viewing distancesStretched displays – horizontally long display with excellent space efficiency for a variety of environments, such as bus shelters, vending machines, and theater kiosks.Touch displays