Media Tube

Mdigital presents Media TUBE, which is a product that ensures clear image visibility even in the brightest daylight conditions. It consists of LED diodes that are integrated into UV stabilized polycarbonate tubes. These can be conveniently mounted vertically or horizontally directly to a building facade. Due to the gap between tubes, this solution becomes transparent and could cover even the windows of the building at the same time providing high transparency and possibility to have a clear view of the window. These vertically or horizontally joined MediaTUBE lines are light and can easy cover any building, multi-story parking lot or skyscraper without any addition construction being needed.This is an innovative form of media screen which is easy to maintain and clean. The building is kept neat by the absence of wiring or power cables to the exterior. The broadcasting will be a constant 24 hours per day at maintained brightness levels and high quality visibility. The Media TUBE automatically changes the image brightness depending on weather conditions and is waterproof (IP 68 protection rating), while its viewing angle is up to 1200, making the Media TUBE highly effective display of short payback period for broadcasting messages.Benefits:no building construction needed, therefore no additional costslight construction only70% maximum transparencylow installation and service costenergy efficient solutiongreat visibility in direct sunlighteasy to cleanvarying sizes and shapes of screensPhysical pixel pitch, mm:vertical 25/ 50 /100/150/200 mmhorizontal 25 mm and more (depends on the distance of 2 tubes mounting)