Media Window

Media WINDOW is based on the integration of small LEDs between two panels of a double-glazed window. This integration combines into one solution. Even when integrated to all different kinds of building, the screen can display HD videos, HD images, live broadcasting and other media content, while conforming to the architectural structure of your building, hence not interfering with any type of layout already in place (including buildings under construction).

Media WINDOW offers a standard facade glazing unit with the added feature of turning the building into a massive display at night. The outside of the building will have almost no signs of this technology having been installed, except for the unlimited size coverage of your display. There is no noise coming from the installation and it is highly resistant to various weather conditions. Ingress protection and temperatures will depend on the double glazed window parameters.

With an automated brightness control, functionality will be easy to maintain in varying weather conditions. The brightness will increase and decrease to the external weather needs. This environmentally friendly product (made from recyclable materials), makes for an extremely functional and high quality product, giving the best results for your long term investment.

Physical pixel pitch, vertical/horizontal mm:

  • 80/80
  • 120/120
  • 160/160